Burlington’s jewel

We love the Burlington Farmers’ Market! A yummy bounty of fresh, locally grown produce, handmade crafts, sweet and savory treats, and meats and cheeses from Vermont’s lush pastures. While shopping this Saturday, we stumbled upon the power of kale chips! One bite and you can feel the energy coursing through your body in four distinct flavors (Original, Garlic Scallion, Smokey Chipotle, and Maple Coconut) seasoned with equally unadulterated ingredients. We also picked up an eye pillow filled with Flax seed and Lavender flowers from Wild Hill Herbals which we used last night for a truly delicious nights sleep. AO Glass Works makes handblown functional tableware and glass items by an international staff right here in Burlington. As part of their 12.12.12. project, a portion of their sales are donated to non-profits such as the Intervale, Local Motion, and VT Natural Resource Council.






















Same sofa. Not the same price.

Both have exquisite top-grain leather carefully dyed to accentuate the natural surface markings, nuances in texture and variations in color that are unique to each hide. Both have natural  leather surface markings which will deepen to a rich, distressed look over time and are a testament to its authenticity. Both have thickly cushioned arms and back, double-padded seat cushions and a kiln-dried hardwood frame. There is one difference. Just sayin’:)

Pottery Barn $2799 plus surcharges               Town and Country $2299 That’s it!

Best of Vermont 1

Since 1919, generations of farm families who own Cabot Creamery Cooperative-now 1,200 strong through New England and New York-have taken great pride in producing world-class cheddar. They provide the highest-quality dairy products (with local farmers getting 100% of the profits). Want to visit? They have three Vermont locations. Anyone for reduced fat mac & cheese? This recipe, courtesy of our delicious friends at Cabot, is the best we’ve ever tasted! Awesome website too:)



Cool ride

The Old Spokes Home is a small neighborhood bicycle shop on 322 N. Winooski Ave…right here in Burlington! They cater to every style of cycling, with special emphasis on the bike commuter, day tourist, and randonneur/adventure cyclist. Check out this cottage-y style commuter bike. They evemn have a Museum, which highlights important advances in bicycle technology. Why not make it a half day trip. The other half? Town and Country of course!

It’s Hammock time!

Summertime and the backyard could use a hammock. Simple Treasures Imports offers affordable luxury for your outdoor haven and helps Central American artisans sell their fine, handmade products in North America. Their beautiful soft-spun cotton/nylon Nicaraguan hammocks are known throughout the world for superior comfort and exquisite detail. Visit their Church Street Marketplace location to demo this Hunter green-striped hammock with hardwood spreader bars. For indoor luxury, check this out!

Cozy cottage

Katies Rose Cottage Designs finds treasures to create that Romantic, Vintage Cottage, French Paris feel for your home ~ roses, chandeliers, chippy, whites, pinks, vintage linens and lace, German glass, glitter and crowns, some items are handcrafted or re purposed into the perfect cottage decor. This is a watering can that has a drop cloth postcard fabric label! For more, stop in at Town and Country. It’s like free admission to the Museum of Shabby Chic Design. Best part, you can sit on the art!


Petronia and the patchwork

During the four months each year Carolyn Shattuck spends in Key West, Fla., the Vermont artist experiences two distinct atmospheres: “The cacophony of the village, with chickens and music and dogs and cats and people sitting out on their porches yelling across the street,” she writes; and the “complexity and chaos in random harmony” of her kayaking trips along the shore. In her collage series “Key West: Inside/Outside,” Shattuck captures both worlds. She uses Japanese papers and prints of her own dry-point sketches to create textural imagery evocative of a place she clearly loves. At WalkOver Gallery 15 Main Street, Bristol through August 24. Pictured: “Petronia.” Kinda reminds us of a Patchwork Chair. Thanks 7dvt for the post!

Here comes the sun!

Artist Craig Colorusso has traveled the country with his SUN BOXES.  It’s comprised of twenty speakers operating independently, each powered by the sun via solar panels.When the sun is out, each of the 20 speakers emits a different note. The sounds of Sun Boxes have been described as both soothing and energizing. A unique combination of adjectives often used to describe yoga or meditation. When experiencing the piece, Sun Boxes allows the participant to slow down, and notice the subtleties of the composition unfold. With the abundance of technology and hustle of this culture it is a much needed concept to not only be allowed, but also encouraged to slow down. When the sun goes away, they are silent.  Colorusso brings this sound installation to the Green Mountains with Sun Boxes in Vermont State Parks.  Hurry, their next stop is Grand Isle State Park from July 13-15!







Sterk contrast

Influenced by the many beautiful marshes on Nantucket, this mural by Audrey Sterk Design located in Nantucket depicts an atmospheric tall grass scene, painted to include the indigenous birds typically found in the marsh. This style lends for a layered application in any space and also allows for your own artwork to be displayed on top of the scene. It is soft and airy and has a serene feel. Perfect for your cozy cottage. So is a comfy linen sofa:)

Fine Wine Handcrafted in Vermont

We just visited our good friends at the Award-winning Shelburne Vineyard who make the finest quality wine. Anywhere! With Northern Varietal Grapes grown right here and the lush Vermont landscape as its backdrop, their state of the art winery and tasting room sits nestled among the vines.  As a pioneer in Vermont wine making, they are totally committed to sustainable agriculture and responsible vineyard practices.  Stroll the vineyards.  Pack a picnic.  Sip a glass of wine on the patio.  A great chance to taste what Vermont has to offer.

Cottage please

In the strictest sense, Cottage Style isn’t really an actual style, at all. A cottage is a type of home is cozy and meant to be lived in, to be enjoyed.  Nothing has to match, and if it doesn’t, so much the better. The overall effect you want to achieve is a look that is one of charm and comfort. There can be a cornucopia of colors and patterns with cottage settings, so it’s good to have a unifying theme. You will see a variety of interior decorating styles at Town and Country’s showroom. You’ll find versions of Shabby Chic, Romantic, Country Style, and English Cottage and mixes of Garden Style, Beach House and Rustic cabin and lodge looks. You will also see French and Swedish Cottage Styles to round it all off. Everyone will have their own twist and flair to these styles, as suits their taste. Stop in and start feeling better inside:)

Festival of Fools

Try not to miss The Festival of Fools, now in its fifth year, on August 3-5th, 2012. The Festival of Fools is a festival of street theater devoted to the celebration of circus arts, music and comedy. We thank Burlington City Arts for helping make the arts easily accessible in greater Burlington (kinda like us), the Festival of Fools offers free events, open to the public and appropriate for all age groups. Four main stage locations surrounding the Church Street Marketplace and City Hall Park will feature continuous street theater, performing to over 10,000 visitors to Church Street each day. The Festival wraps up on Sunday, August 5th with a grand finale featuring all the performers of the festival.














Smooth patch

The eclectic patchwork chair gives the eye a lot to look at. The personality of every piece is rediscovered by a painstakingly and lovingly chosen collection of fabrics to create unique pieces. Chairs that make you smile. We traveled far and wide to find a few, stop by and have a seat!

Not too shabby

Whether you call it cottage, English country or just plain romantic, shabby chic furniture creates a comfortably elegant home. At Town and Country, we are on a mission to provide Vermonters the most eclectic and thoughtful furnishings from some of the hardest working craftsman in the USA. For more about Shabby Chic, Rachel Ashwell’s new book is a great inspiration. While on the subject of quilt…well sort of…try throwing old quilts over chairs and couches to add instant appeal. If you can’t find old quilts, buy new ones and tea-stain them to make them look worn. Throw them in the washer and dryer a few times to give them some wear. More to come.







Life’s a picnic

Cute store in Chatham, Mass!

It’s time for a shabby chic picnic! Picnic fashion is passionate about picnics, whether impromptu, casual, or elegant. They offer a beautiful selection of unique, vintage, and handcrafted items and they are relatively close by on 726 Main Street in Chatham, MA. And when you’re not out frolicking and picnicing, these would look great surrounded by our furniture:) PS…Click for picnic checklist courtesy of our friends at Picnic fashion!