TC Book Club

Looking for inspiration?

Here is our top secret list of our favorite decorating books.

The French Country House: Nicolay-Mazery
French Interiors The Art of Elegance: Nicolay-Mazery
Essentially French: Josephine Ryan
My French Life: Vicki Archer
Caroline Quartermaine Revealed
The New Eighteenth Century Style : Michele Lalande
The New French Decor: Michele Lalande
French Country Living: Caroline Clifton-Mogg
Suzanne Kasler Inspired Interiors
Domestic Art
Toile de Jouy: Riffel, Rouart, Walter
Silk: Jacques Anquetil
Fabrics: Caroline Lebeau
The Bed: Alecia Beldegreen
Seventeen and Eighteenth Century Fashion in Detail
Nineteenth Century Fashion in Detail
Dangerous Liaisons: Metropolitan Museum of Art
Provence Interiors: Lisa Lovatt-Smith
French Home: Josephine Ryan
Parisian Interiors: Baudot
Paris Interiors: Lisa Lovatt-Smith
Paris Style: Christiane Reiter and Angelika TASCHEN
Marie-Antoinette Style: Adrien Goetz
Marie-Antoinette and the Petit Trianon at Versailles
Vintage French Interiors
La Vie en Rose
Villa (Saladino)
Landelijke Stijl
Dwellings Living with Great Style (Stephen Sills)
Pattern (Tricia Guild)
Crossing Boundaries (Vicente Wolf)
Rooms to Inspire
Design Inspirations (Charlotte Moss)
Vogue Living Houses, Gardens, People
Edith Wharton’s Italian Gardens
The Gardens of Russell Page
Gardens of the Wine Country

10 Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas:

Idea #1: Collect and use Old China plates, depression glass,and pitchers. Antique bottles and pitchers work good for filling with fresh flowers. This adds a splash of seasonal color.

Idea #2: Here you can see a screen with pink fabric gathered and attached in it. This setting has that charming pink shabby chic appeal. You can make a frame from old screen doors or old window frames hinged together to create this look.

Idea #3: Find vintage style light fixtures and lamps. You can spray paint the old metal flower designed ones. You can also use crystal chandeliers, or use small accent lamps. All these contrasts of style work in Shabby Chic Decorating.

Idea #4: Find and use painted wicker pieces, both vintage and new. Use wicker furniture or small accent pieces. Hampers, and wastebaskets are fun to purchase and spray paint. Woven baskets painted in pastels would work well.

Idea #5: Use ornate mirrors and frames for the wall. Paint and distress them and hang them on the wall. You might even like to hang them with a wide piece of ribbon.

Idea#6: Throw old quilts over chairs and couches to add instant appeal. If you can’t find old quilts, buy new ones and tea-stain them to make them look worn. Throw them in the washer and dryer a few times to give them some wear.

Idea #7: Here is a great idea for a shabby style candle holder. This has been done with a wide picture frame, then painted and distressed. This is a very easy and cheap home accent. You could also find a tray that you don’t want any more and spray paint it, and get this same effect.

Idea #8: Collect items in white. White is a signature color to use through out this chic style of decorating. Take all white items and group them together to make an interesting display. Here are some ideas: teacups, milk glass, pitchers or a grouping of white candle holders.

Idea #9: Use vintage items in your yard. Here is a great idea. Use an old chair as a plant holder and you will have a quick and easy garden accent.

Idea #10: Stop in at Town and Country and browse!

On a roll

Our charming Antique Dice Table is a sure bet when it comes to adding new life to a room and a touch of the unexpected. Use one as an eclectic side or end table; or, double your luck by combining two to create a one-of-a-kind coffee table. Crafted from smooth-surfaced, distressed walnut veneer with antiqued red polish with ivory pips. The smoothed corners give it an aged look. Dimensions: 18.75W x 18.75D x 18.75H inches. MORE JUST IN!




Shabby chic clubhouse

Check out this renovated the 9-by-14-foot shabby-chic retreat. It may not have a bathroom or a kitchen, but it is a dream of Victoriana: stacks of Limoges china with tiny rosebud patterns; chandeliers dripping crystal; billows of tissue-paper garlands. The creator of this cozy cottage haunted upstate salvage shops from Kingston to Albany for old windows with wavy glass; she found an old porch door in the precise shade of hunter green once used on the boarding houses that dotted the area; she used a jigsaw to create gingerbread trim and cut out openings for the windows. Click for full NY Times article.

Felt great

Tanya Aguiñiga is a Los Angeles based furniture designer/maker raised in Tijuana, Mexico. Tanya’s work encourages users to reconsider the objects they use on a daily basis by creating work that explores an objects’ unseen aspect. She took the generic metal folding chair and made it absolutely sublime. After 30 hours adding brightly colored felt to each seat by hand, the results add a sense of texture. She also makes whimsical felt creatures we love.










Take the style quiz!

Whatever your style is, there’s room to add fresh new details with every season. Whatever your color scheme is, you can celebrate any season with those colors. Not sure about exactly what you like? Here’s an easy place to start: Head over to SPROOST and take their decorating quiz and find your style. Or just stop in, pick what you like and we’ll tell you what style it is!

Same sofa. Not the same price.

Both have exquisite top-grain leather carefully dyed to accentuate the natural surface markings, nuances in texture and variations in color that are unique to each hide. Both have natural  leather surface markings which will deepen to a rich, distressed look over time and are a testament to its authenticity. Both have thickly cushioned arms and back, double-padded seat cushions and a kiln-dried hardwood frame. There is one difference. Just sayin’:)

Pottery Barn $2799 plus surcharges               Town and Country $2299 That’s it!

It’s Hammock time!

Summertime and the backyard could use a hammock. Simple Treasures Imports offers affordable luxury for your outdoor haven and helps Central American artisans sell their fine, handmade products in North America. Their beautiful soft-spun cotton/nylon Nicaraguan hammocks are known throughout the world for superior comfort and exquisite detail. Visit their Church Street Marketplace location to demo this Hunter green-striped hammock with hardwood spreader bars. For indoor luxury, check this out!

Smooth patch

The eclectic patchwork chair gives the eye a lot to look at. The personality of every piece is rediscovered by a painstakingly and lovingly chosen collection of fabrics to create unique pieces. Chairs that make you smile. We traveled far and wide to find a few, stop by and have a seat!

Not too shabby

Whether you call it cottage, English country or just plain romantic, shabby chic furniture creates a comfortably elegant home. At Town and Country, we are on a mission to provide Vermonters the most eclectic and thoughtful furnishings from some of the hardest working craftsman in the USA. For more about Shabby Chic, Rachel Ashwell’s new book is a great inspiration. While on the subject of quilt…well sort of…try throwing old quilts over chairs and couches to add instant appeal. If you can’t find old quilts, buy new ones and tea-stain them to make them look worn. Throw them in the washer and dryer a few times to give them some wear. More to come.







Life’s a picnic

Cute store in Chatham, Mass!

It’s time for a shabby chic picnic! Picnic fashion is passionate about picnics, whether impromptu, casual, or elegant. They offer a beautiful selection of unique, vintage, and handcrafted items and they are relatively close by on 726 Main Street in Chatham, MA. And when you’re not out frolicking and picnicing, these would look great surrounded by our furniture:) PS…Click for picnic checklist courtesy of our friends at Picnic fashion!