Killer brittle!

Buy local and reduce your carbon footprint! Farmers’ markets have an abundance of local produce, meats, dairy, baked goods and more. Most communities now have farmers’ markets. Check them out, yoBB_048.600pxu won’t be sorry! You can find Battenkill Brittle at the Walloomsac Farmer’s Market in Bennington, VT and at the Dorset Farmers’ Market in Dorset, VT. Battenkill Brittle and Battenkill Brittle Crumble are made with organic sunflower seeds, organic sesame seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic brown rice syrup, pure Vermont maple syrup and pecan meal. Battenkill Brittle is a high energy snack and Crumble is the perfect addition to yogurt, oatmeal, waffles and salads. It is packed with nutrition and provides sustaining energy for any kind of physical activity, as a snack for students, or a pick-me-up at the office.